Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chrome 16 Out Now

Today sees Chrome 16 released as part of the Google rapid release cycle.  With it comes the ability to sync your life, for example when you upgrade to version 16 your home machine with Chrome and your work machine with Chrome will share everything like your extensions, settings, history, bookmarks and other things between each other.

Obviously, in able to do this you will need to pair your Chrome with your Google account which also has other benefits including being automatically logged in to any Google based sites.  Is this potentially dangerous though especially with Google + (Plus)?  The jury is out on that one for now I think.

Personally for me, this is where Mozilla is going wrong with Firefox.  These features simply don't exist and once upon a time it would have been Firefox with all of the new bells and whistles so for me this deserves a pat on the back.  Well done Google!  Now that Mozilla are following Google with their rapid release cycle, I think it will be even harder for Mozilla to keep up.

Chrome 16 is available to download now, or if you already have Chrome installed then just sit back and wait patiently for Chrome to update the next time you load up your browser.

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