Friday, 2 December 2011

Browser Wars: Chrome Steps Up

In yet another bout of good news for Mozilla, Chrome has displaced Firefox as the second most popular browser according to research boffins at StatCounter.  Microsoft's Internet Explorer still holds the top spot by quite a large amount, but what is most surprising is the time that it has taken Chrome to establish itself in the number two slot.

Chrome has been around now for quite some time, but not nearly as long as Firefox.  The Chrome market share now stands at 25.7%, while Firefox has dipped to 25.2%.  Not a massive amount I agree, but this could be a sign of things to come.  StatCounter point out that just two years ago, the Chrome share stood at just 4.5% and so this is a massive achievement for Google.

Firefox seem to be trailing in strategy as well, as they now seem to be following Google with their own rapid release cycle methodology (albeit rather annoying at the same time).  I'm not entirely sure that Mozilla have been doing anything massively wrong as such as of late, but they don't seem to have the innovative touch that they once had.  Bugs crop up from time to time as they do with all browsers and I'm adamant that Firefox is the best browser for debugging as it has the widest range of addons available right now.  I think that it's time for Mozilla to regain that creative spark that it once had, rather than becoming the market follower.

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